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Inventory Management

Matching up the records for Inventory is one of the biggest problems in any land or online business concern. Online stores usually have to face these problems in many ways. BizXces proudly presents an online Inventory Management System for your business. Our online Data Entry Operators and Inventory Management Experts assure an accurate record keeping for all sorts of inventories and goods, in & out of your enterprise.

Age Analysis:

As a basic part of the credit control system, the Age Analysis should be regularly examined so that any appropriate follow-up action may be taken. It takes a lot of time and energies of accounting staff to prepare Age Analysis Reports on monthly basis. BizXces professionals keep you up-to-date about your bad debt provisions monthly, enabling you to analyze your overall business outcomes. This also helps you to make an appropriate comparison between your debits and credits!

Purchasing & Cost Analysis:

Breaking down the costs of various operations and reporting on each factor separately counts for a whole lot of time. BizXces provides you with all the Purchase, Cost and Budgeting Reports on daily, weekly & monthly basis. The experienced Costing professionals of BizXces also measure the cost effectiveness of any business decision.