How it works

Direct Connection

BizXces has a connection with its clients on regular basis. All you need to do is collect all receipts, office documents and other things that are useful for our evaluation. You can either scan these documents at your place or just send us in prepaid envelopes. We will do all scanning and keeping a record in our system.

Virtual Cloud

Here at BizXces we have facilitation if virtual cloud to provide safe and secure access to all accounting related documents as software module.  Even the backup documents and major ones are backed up on daily basis and authorized persons can use it for getting information when it is required.

Client Access

Clients can easily access to the cloud system from anywhere to check their QuickBooks and other supporting documents.  

Accountant Use

With your consent our CPA will reach out to documents and can do all midyear and fiscal year’s end computing. Along with it the taxation management will be easy to perform.

BizXces Role

Our special accounts people will perform all bookkeeping activities, computing and financial statements for your ease. It is really going to be easy and for our professional to come up with a better solution. To advise you properly for business scope and accounting related activities.

Better Accounting Performance

The virtual presence and easy transfer of information is really helpful. It helps is agile work environment where information flow as seamless from one end to another. It helps BizXes to pay your bills and work on your invoices made up for your customers or clients. And the overall flow of accounting functions for your firm at any level.