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Banking & Cash Management

Thanks to technology, banking is now available at your fingertips. However, fast-track electronic banking has given rise to problems.

BizXces reconciles bank statements, handles dividend collection and more. From monthly bank statements to loan matters, we take care of it all.


Our experienced financial staff handles it all: payment processing and management; handling of term deposits; letters of credit; guarantees; performance bonds and securities underwriting commitments; sales and purchases on behalf of your business; and a host of insurance issues. BizXces acts as your agent, building progressive relationships with top world banks and garnering market goodwill for your business.

Loan Management

BizXces manages secured loans, mortgage loans, bank overdrafts, corporate bonds, lines of credit, personal loans and more. We take full accountability for each type of business loan and we work to ensure that repayment does not affect overall business progress.