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Financial Statements

Financial Statements refers to the formal records for all sorts of financial activities taking part in a business. Financial Statements are basically an overview of the financial conditions of any business concern. BizXces provides the online record and management of your Financial Statements in a purely professional way. This not only gives you the facility to take a rapid and quick look on your current business situation but also allows you to make quick decisions. BizXces manages all of your Financial Statements in accordance with International Accounting Standards. This makes your records easily understandable and auditable. In addition, these Financial Statements are included in your annual financial records by BizXces to carve up the business projection for you.

Balance Sheets:

Balance Sheets are the first hand record of company's assets, liabilities, and Ownership equity at a certain time. BizXces facilitates your business management by providing you an online record of your Balance Sheets monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually, as per requirement.

Income Statement:

BizXces presents you with an online check to your monthly Income Statement or Profit & Lost Statement (P & L). Income Statements gives you an account that how much of your revenue could be considered as sheer net income. The experienced Cost Analysis Professionals of BizXces manages every bit of your cost and expense chart, in the shape of Income Statement.

Statement of Retained Earnings:

Statement of Retained Earnings, also known as Equity Statement, is the account of the change in retained earnings in a certain period of time. BizXces prepares and manages Statement of Retained Earnings online so that you can get the initials for your balance sheets at any time.

Cash Flow Statement:

All sorts of operating, investing and financing activities of your business are managed online by BizXces. Short-term viabilities of your business concern are handled by BizXces top accounting staff!