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Accounting & Finance

Expert Accounting and Finance Services

BizXces is your complete small business accounting and finance planning solution. We have packages and custom options to suit any business, from online merchant to physical retailer. Let our top accounting and finance experts plan, build and maintain your records according to industry standards. We’ve got you covered, from financial statements and projections to banking, loans, auditing and tax matters.

Worry-Free Bookkeeping

Our incredible bookkeepers manage your records and provide you with full online access. Receive updates or check transactions online as often as you’d like.

Automatic Financial Statements

BizXces provides you with monthly updates of all of your business’s financial statements, including a balance sheet and income statement, and retained earnings and cash flow statements. Online access to these statements helps you to make quick decisions and take informed action.

Accurate Business Projections

BizXces provides you with a full business projection for your company on a quarterly basis. Our talented business analysts design your business projections to be helpful and easy to understand, so you’ll always have a solid understanding of your business’s overall progress.

Manageable Banking and Loan Concerns

Only BizXces manages all of the banking relationships and loan requirements associated with your business. Plus, online access to all of your banking information enables you to manage your business dealings in a more flexible, professional manner.

Comprehensive Tax Services

As a BizXces client, you don’t need to worry about tax matters. From tax evaluations to tax return filings, BizXces does it all.

Precision Auditing

Whether it’s an internal or external audit, BizXces is there to build, maintain and monitor your records online. We relay auditing information to you on a quarterly, biannual or annual basis, depending on your needs.

There’s More

Along with these offerings, BizXces also provides you valuable related services including payroll reconciliation, AR notifications and collection, debt management and financial consulting.