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About Us

BizXces is your ideal business and financial service provider with Certified Chartered Accountants. We have a proven track record of serving our clients for maintaining “Accounting & Finance” in a better way. Our service areas for all financial services are Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas and Austin. We have provided quality Bookkeeping Services to business entities of Houston from the time BizXces was incepted.
BizXces added other neighborhood towns later for provision of Banking & Cash Management Services, Inventory Management, Preparation of Financial Statements, and Partnership Agreements along with Financial & and Legal Consultancy Services for Business persons and organizations of Houston and related areas as well. We have played a major part in providing General Business Consultancy Services that proved successful and those people are all earning great revenues!!

We have made BizXces with a purpose of serving our clients who are in any sort of financial distress. They might be facing cash flows and no particular reason for that. Their finance team might not be that much expert to handle costs and to make a business plan as we have an expertise in that face as well. Here comes another twist as if the company is small and you do not want to keep a regular bookkeeping staff member but to hire our professional and dedicated services at occasional times.

Here we would like to tell you that we have provided a whole financial and business roadmap to many companies in Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles and Austin. But we are tax experts as well and can guide you all the best way to fill the federal tax forms. As most of times it is not known to Business Persons, to look at small details that can tangle them in future. BizXces is all going to be that great going and for better reason of scope and action.